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Dunlop D408 / D407 for Harley Davidson


There will be a running change to the front tyre on 2009 models. Dunlop D407F front tires will be changing over to D408F tires during the first half of calendar year 2009. The primary difference between the two constructions is the direction of the tread. This will be executed as a running change for MY2009. The D408F tire will offer improved tire wear for some customers over the D407F.

Important Note:
When mounting the tires, refer to the directional arrows on the sidewall to ensure correct directional rotation. 


2008 - Dunlop has introduced a new line of Harley-Davidson D407 tyres for 2009 model year FL touring bikes.
The rear tyre in the new range, Dunlop reports, features the company’s exclusive Multi Tread Compound (MTC) technology, which incorporates a long-wearing compound in the centre of the tread and a lateral grip compound on each shoulder to improve cornering performance while providing longer tread life.

Dunlop’s Multi-Tread tire design features three zones of differing tread compounds that provide riders with optimum performance under varying riding conditions. The high-wear compound in the center of the tire tread runs cooler to provide stability, excellent traction under braking and long tread life. Lateral grip compounds flank both sides of this long-wearing compound to enhance traction at higher lean angles. Net result: more grip when cornering.

In addition, bold, angled lateral grooves in the tread pattern carry water away from the tire contact patch on wet roads. And the reinforced multi-layer tire carcass gives the D408 / D407 maximum strength for long life while also providing great handling at all speeds and lean angles.

Dunlop and Harley-Davidson engineers first tested these multi-compound motorcycle tyres as models in computer simulations, then tested them to extremes in the lab, and finally rode many thousands of hard test miles to ensure the D407 delivers performance that clearly surpasses current standards.

These new Dunlop MT technology touring tyres are available in black sidewall, wide whitewall and classic narrow white bar versions.

Thanks to Dunlop’s Multi-Tread design, Harley-Davidson owners can now enjoy the benefits of the best tire technology in the business.

The D407 comes in a 130/80B17 D407F BSW front and 180/65B16 D407 BSW rear for the following models: Electra Glide® Standard, Street Glide™, Road Glide®, Police Road King®, Police Electra Glide® and Screamin’ Eagle® Ultra Classic® Electra Glide®.

The front 130/80B17 D408 NWB and rear 180/65B16 D407 NWB D407 fit these model Harley-Davidsons: Road King®, Electra Glide® Classic and Ultra Classic® Electra Glide®.

For the Road King® Classic, use the D407 in a 130/90B16 D408 WWW front and a rear 180/65B16 D407 WWW.

The 130/70B18 D407F BSW front and 180/55B18 D408 BSW rear are made for the Screamin’ Eagle® Road Glide®, Screamin’ Eagle® and Softail® Springer®. 

 for 2009 FL Touring Models

          130/90B16 WWW
          130/80B17 BSW, NWB
          130/70B18 BSW

          180/65B16 BSW, NWB, WWW
          180/55B18 BSW

BSW = Black Sidewall
WWW = Wide Whitewall
SW = Small White Bar