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DUNLOP D-606  the 10% road  90% off-road enduro tyre.  

Key Features

  • Dunlop’s D606 is a tough trail tyre with real off-roading capabilities
  • Recommended for long distance adventure riders, covering large distances off-road
  • High sea/land ratio and high tread blocks allow for serious riding on a variety of terrains
  • Specially developed compound for durability, safety and predictability

Rears may be matched with other road legal fronts such as D907F & D908F.D606 front more suited to hard ground conditions or road work

available size:

Front    21"    90/90 -21 TT (54R)

Rear    17"    130/90 -17 TT (68R)    
           18"    120/90 -18 TT (65R)
                    130/90 -18 TT (69R)

You can order the Dunloo D-606 online in our online shop. >>